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Construction Details The luminaire consists of a separate lamp, gear and spigot compartment. It is designed to operate 80/125W mercury vapour, 70/100/150W high-pressure sodium and 70/100/150W metal halide lamps.

SABS Marks The luminaire bears the SANS 475 performance mark and the SANS 60598-2-3 safety mark. Luminaire spigot entry complies with SANS 1088 - Table 1. Side entry - ø42mm x 125mm.

Ingress Protection The luminaire has a degree of protection that complies with SANS 60598-2-3. Lamp compartment: IP 66 Gear compartment: IP 66 The IP ratings are certified by SABS test reports.

Lamp Compartment The housing is robustly constructed, weatherproof, hailproof, corrosion proof and vandal resistant. It is manufactured from filled ultra-violet stabilised engineering polymer and is grey in colour. An exterior lip of 7mm is provided on the lamp housing to avoid direct rain water contact with the gasket, thus ensuring that no moisture is sucked into the diffuser when the luminaire is switched off and cools down. The non-discolouring clear high-impact acrylic diffuser bowl has no external prisms and is held to the housing by three stainless steel clips. It remains attached to the housing when hinged open. The gasket sealing the lamp compartment is made of silicon sponge rubber and is fitted into a tongue-and- groove arrangement. Reflectors are manufactured from 99,98% super pure deep anodised aluminium and are not subject to accidental misalignment. A special reflector system for tubular lamps ensures optimum high performance. The lampholder complies with VC 8011, is rated to withstand 240˚C/5kV and prevents loosening of the lamp caused by vibrations.

Gear Compartment The gear compartment is covered by a hinged, non- corrosive lid, which fits into a silicon sponge gasket in the body, in a tongue-and-groove arrangement. Access to the gear compartment is gained from underneath by loosening one captive stainless steel screw (nylon in the double insulated version). The IP 66 ingress protection rating ensures that all control gear components are protected against the ingress of dust and moisture, which leads to corrosion and premature failure. The control gear is mounted on a removable gear tray and is suitable for operation with the specified rating of the lamp on a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase system. All screws, bolts and metal parts are stainless steel or anti-corrosion treated material. Ignitors, where applicable, are of the superposed pulse type. The luminaire is power factor corrected to a minimum of 0,9.

Spigot Compartment The separate spigot compartment houses the screw terminal block and wire clamp. No access to the control gear compartment is required for installation, thus possible damage to the control gear is avoided. An optional downfacing miniature daylight switch can be fitted into this compartment, giving it protection against UV and ensuring extended service.

Hinged, non-corrosive lid, which fits into a silicon sponge gasket in the housing, in a tongue and

groove arrangement.

Gear compartment rated IP 66, offering the ultimate

solution to corrosion problems and premature

failure of control gear components.

Robust hinge mechanism, incorporated into the housing,

ensures protection against damage during transport,

installation and maintenance.

Lamp compartment rated IP 66.

Interior lip to protect gasket against harmful radiation from the lamp source.

Exterior lip on lamp housing to avoid direct rainwater contact with the gasket, ensuring that no moisture is sucked into the diffuser when the luminaire is switched off and cools down.

Suitable for lamps up to 150W.

Optional integrally mounted MCB 5A/2.5kA, accessible from the outside.

Optional down facing miniature daylight switch, protected against UV.

Separate spigot compartment

ensures that the control gear is

not subjected to possible damage

during installation or by moisture rising

up a pole when heated by the sun

during the day.

Screw terminal block and mains incoming

wire clamp.

Dimensions in mm

Aerodynamic resistance - 0.19m2

22 3

11 6

28 4

16 8


Key Features

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