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360° Lensoflex®2

180° Lensoflex®2

180° Reflector


Light Ring

Luminaire Bracket


Street lighting / Ambiance lighting / Pedestrian crossing lighting

Street lighting

Down: Street lighting / Ambiance lighting / Area lighting Up: Architectural lighting

Up/down (onsite djustment): Architectural lighting

Signage / beautification

(identity) / creation

of ambiance

Street lighting / Pedestrian crossing lighting

For autonomous or interoperable networks (managing, monitoring, controlling and metering) with or without detection scenarios (PIR sensor)

Lumen package range: from 1,600 to 4,500lm*

Back-light control (optional) Neutral or warm white LEDs Diffuse protector available as an option for an enhanced visual comfort

Lumen package range: from 2,000 to 4,700lm*

Back-light control (optional) Neutral or warm white LEDs

Lumen package range: from 2,300 to 7,200lm*

Neutral or warm white LEDs

* Typical luminaire output @ tq 25°C - neutral white (4,000K) LEDs

Lumen package range: from 1,300 to 2,400lm*

On-site inclination angle settings: -10/+40° Neutral or warm white LEDs

Red, blue, green, neutral or warm white LEDs 1 or 2 alternating colours

For luminaire Ø 60mm Inclination angle: +5°

One controller can command all the lighting modules of a Shuffle and propose different scenarios per module. Controllers are able to communicate together in a local or a centrally managed network.

Beyond Lighting

WLAN EV Charger



Professional and secure wireless network

Professional charging station

Professional camera network

Professional sound system

Available in a 360° lighting module or in a dedicated module 2 versions: mesh network or wired network Dividable bandwidth: e.g. to assign a dedicated part to city operators and a restricted bandwidth for the general public

AC charging 11kW or 22kW European socket (type 2) Safety locking during charging Access authentication via RFID or QR code Optional: communication, metering and access unit (for cabinet mounting)

Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080) Image optimisation (backlight, contrasts, night vision, high luminosity) Privacy layers ONVIF communication standard Event triggering: motion detection, video analytics, tampering 2 versions : digital or optical zoom Data optimisation: selected and/or delayed transmission, on-site recording (SD memory slot) On-site tilting settings: 0 - 85°

100V public address system Frequency range: 100 - 18,000Hz Perfect sound - 20W power output Weatherproof / adapted to indoor and outdoor applications

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