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Large Canopy Version

Top Cover Version

Designed to light roads, streets, squares and other places where creating a pleasant atmosphere is a key element, the post-top version of the Shuffle is available for mounting on a Ø 60 or 76mm pole. The elegant cylinder shape with a 360° clear or diffuse protector offers the same design and technical characteristics as the 360° LensoFlex® module of the Shuffle column. It benefits from a wide range of photometries and provides aesthetic consistency in environments lit by both the post-top and column versions of the Shuffle.

The Shuffle post-top version is available as a smooth cylinder or with a large canopy. The base of the luminaire can integrate motion sensors while controllers are directly integrated in the luminaire body. This post-top version is available with the same control options for stand-alone, autonomous and interoperable networks (remote management) as the other modules of the Shuffle.

Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently. Owlet stand-alone solutions encompass: intelligent drivers with features such as an astronomical clock for a constant adaptation of the dimming profile, constant light output (CLO) to eliminate overlighting and scheduled dimming with multi-level programmes; integrated photocells to switch the luminaire on or off following the level of natural light; motion detection sensors that provide interactive dimming.

The Autonomous Network Dimming system enables luminaires to communicate together in a wireless network to provide dynamic profile dimming. This system can be enhanced with motion detection sensors. When movement is detected, the detection scenario translates into a dimming scenario to provide safety and comfort for users. The sensors can be centralised or decentralised. Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently.

The Schréder Owlet Nightshift is a central management system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network. It is a unique combination of stateof-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaire at all times from anywhere in the world. Thanks to bi-directional communication, the operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored.

The Owlet Control Solutions, available as options in the Shuffle, provide increased safety and a sense of wellbeing for people with minimal energy and maintenance costs.

Owlet offers 3 types of control solutions, from basic to advanced.

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