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Shuffle columns are ideal tools to improve the security of different areas. With the intercom, you can offer visitors extra support or a direct link with security personnel in case of problems. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras keep an eye on critical areas. They have a deterring effect on people with bad intentions and at the same time provide a heightened sense of security. Last but not least, a light ring can send warning signals or guide emergency services to the place of intervention.

Intercom Unparalleled audio quality with optional video Vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom Optional HD video at up to 25 FPS (960p) and H.264 for integration

with most video solutions Crystal clear audio Background active noise cancellation Automatic volume adjustment Stainless steel front plate with one button

Focus on integrated security features

Camera For surveillance with great detail Full HD network camera Image optimisation (back-light, contrasts, night vision,

high luminosity) Privacy layers ONVIF communication standard Event triggering: motion detection, video analytics,

tampering 2 versions: Integrated IP camera or external 360°

motorized camera on a bracket suited to a wide range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP cameras of the brand AXIS

Wi-Fi Professional and secure wireless network to support security Available in a 360° lighting module or in

a dedicated module 2 versions: mesh network or wired network Dividable bandwidth: e.g. to assign a dedicated

part to city operators or security managers and a restricted bandwidth for the general public

Light ring

For warning signals and guidance Discreet ring that can light up in any red, green, blue

or white combination. Permanent light or flashing light to attract attention. Can be automated or controlled from a distance.

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