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Video surveillance is good. Knowing what is happening is better. Genetec video management software automatically analyses the footage captured by your cameras. The software keeps an eye on traffic, people and parking spaces. It notifies you on special occasions (e.g. intrusion, overcrowding) and provides you with detailed analytics to fine-tune your organisation. Distracted guards staring at 10 screens simultaneously will be a feature of the past, that you will only see in films.

Traffic analyzer

Intrusion detection

Parking space analyser

Direction controller

People counting

In assoiciation with

Crowd density

Automatic counting of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, motorbikes)

Classification into two wheel, car and bus/truck

Up to four lanes Output in minutes, hours, days,

weeks and months

Automated perimeter protection Operable with thermal and infrared

cameras Robust in all weather conditions

(rain, snow, ...) Filtering of animals Freely definable areas

Empty space detection Penalty detection tracking/billing Free space traffic guiding

Parking space information display Parking Staff Bodycam

Fail-safe Reliable analysis Simple configuration

Automated counting of people in real-time

Directional, multiple directions Counting of several people

simultaneously Detailed evaluation through reports 3D sensors for maximum precision



Alarm if a defined queue length is reached

Crowd analysis & crowd density estimation

Analysing the speed of the flow Estimation of the average waiting


Advanced camera analytics Wi-Fi location and analytics

Wi-Fi hotspots generate a wealth of anonymous information about your visitors. Ruckus allows you to determine where your users are at which moments of the day. How long do they stay and how many of them are regular visitors? This is valuable information to plan your services more accurately.

Heat map Footfall

Dwell time

In assoiciation with

How many visitors? Which is the busiest day? Which is the busiest time of day?

How many new/returning visitors? How many days since the last visit?

How many visitors dwell? For how long?

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