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Case 3 Understand how spaces are used

How can Planners/Operators/Authorities know how a Park is used and act upon it? 1. Surveillance cameras with analytics provide intelligence, e.g. where most people hang out (crowd analytics), which days and times of the day the park is most used, where rubbish is left behind, which park facilities are most used or underused e.g. sports fields, picnic areas, play grounds, toilets, cafés, 2. Free Wi-Fi in the park brings people outside. Wi-Fi analytics provide intelligence (mac address counting and tracking) on the areas where most people congregate. 3. A surge of people in one area may highlight the need to: call in cleaning teams, deploy security guards, close the park against overcrowding, re-fill the drinks at the café and in the vending machines.

Case 4 Smart parking in a commercial area

How could a Shopping Centre facilitate parking? 1. The red/green light rings on the columns signal whether there is an available parking space nearby or not. 2. If the parking time is limited to 2 hours, an alert is sent to the parking operator when cars overstay their time. 3. When cars park in a loading area or in a wrong place, an alert is sent. 4. The system keeps detailed statistics of the number of cars that are parked at different times of the day and week. 5. Number plates are automatically checked to give relevant access to VIPs or staff.

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