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Construction Details The luminaire consists of a spigot base, lamp compartment with integral control gear and top cover and is designed to operate LEDs of up to 55W, and a range of 80/125W mercury vapour or 70/100W high-pressure sodium/metal halide lamps. It is also available in a wall bracket version.

SABS Marks The luminaire bears the SANS 475 performance mark and the SANS 60598-2-3 safety mark. Luminaire spigot entries comply with SANS 1088 - Table 1 for Type 2: ø76mm x 75mm.

Ingress Protection The luminaire has a degree of protection that complies with SANS 60598-2-3: Lamp compartment: IP 65 The IP rating is certified by an SABS test report.

Top Cover The top cover is robustly constructed, weatherproof, hailproof, corrosion proof and vandal resistant. It is manufactured from glass-filled nylon and is firmly secured with a single injection moulded dome nut. It is coated white on the inside to improve the efficiency of the luminaire. A silicon sponge gasket is fixed into a groove to seal the top cover against the diffuser to IP 65.

Spigot Base The spigot base is manufactured from high-pressure die-cast aluminium and powder coated for added protection in the colour specified. The luminaire is secured to the pole by three M8 stainless steel grub screws. The lampholder complies with VC 8011, is rated to withstand 240˚C/5kV and prevents loosening of the lamp caused by vibrations(**).

(*) For HID version only

Diffuser The injection moulded non-discolouring high-impact acrylic diffuser bowl is hexagonal in shape and is available in either a clear or opal version. It is smooth on the outside, but has internal prisms to reduce the direct glare component. A drip ridge is provided at the bottom edge to prevent direct rain water contact with the gasket.

Electrical Components The control gear is incorporated inside the luminaire and mounted on a removable gear tray. For the LED version, the nominal voltage is rated at 198-264V50Hz single phase. It is suitable for operation with the specified rating of the lamp on a 230V +3% /-10% 50Hz single phase system(*). All control gear components are removable and bear the relevant SABS marks. All internal wiring is Teflon® coated with protective sleeving to prevent damage by possible abrasion. All screws, bolts and metal parts are stainless steel or of non-corrosive material. Mains connections are by means of a suitable screw terminal block with a wire clamping contact. Ignitors, where applicable, are of the superposed pulse type. The power factor is rated at ≥0,9.

Dimensions in mm

BEKARAY with birdspike

24 5

60 0

24 0


13 5

24 0

ø1 20

37 0

49 0

13 5

24 0

ID: ø76

Aerodynamic resistance - 0.14m2

LED Retrofit


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K it

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