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Installation is made easy through the simple base flange assembly. Through-wiring is also possible.

Optical compartment tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Electronic compartment tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance: IK 07 (**)

Nominal voltage: 198-265V - 50Hz

Electrical class: I (*)

Weight (total): 5.2kg

Height (standard version): 900mm

Materials: Body: Extruded aluminium High-pressure die-cast aluminium (EN 1706 AC-44300)

Protector: Polycarbonate

Standard colour: Pearl Light Grey (RAL 9022), Textured finish

LED light sources

Correlated colour temperature (CCT): Neutral white (5000K)

Wattage: 14W - 23W

Flux: 1750lm - 2610lm

(*) according to SANS 60598 (**) according to SANS 62262

Bollard height variation (min. 650mm) Asymmetrical version Bolt cage Stubby Warm white CCT (3000K) Available in various RAL colours

Characteristics - Luminaire


The BEKA LEDpost is a bollard luminaire that has been designed for orientation lighting and security marking. The bollard consists of a high-pressure die-cast head containing the LED light source and optic, as well as a pole base assembly. The control gear is integrated within the cross shaped aluminium extruded pole. The distinct design shields pedestrians and drivers from glare and prevents spill light from being emitted above the horizontal. The bollard head assembly is permanently sealed to IP 66 and firmly fixed to the pole. It can be conveniently replaced or upgraded (FutureProof). The optical system, in conjunction with the prismatic diffuser, provides highly efficient and low-level lighting with maximum glare control.

The LEDs are designed for ambient temperatures of up to 35˚C, resulting in a useful lifetime of approximately 100 000 operating hours (L70). The LEDs are effective high-power LEDs, 5 000K at a colour rendering index ≥70. To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometric engine is completely sealed to IP 66. This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time (LEDsafe).

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply, positioned directly next to LEDs (ThermiX®).

It is designed to operate LEDs of up to 23W. The power factor is rated at ≥0,95.







10˚ 0˚

0˚/180˚ 90˚/270˚

cd/klm40 206080


30˚ 20˚




Construction Details

Light Distribution

200 201