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Options Incorporated Nema socket assembly / Downward facing daylight switch Adjustment knuckles enable correct alignments on existing side or bottom entry spigots CCT: Warm white (3000K) CCT: Cool white (5700K) Surge protection up to 20kV/20kA Nominal voltage: 90-305V - 50Hz Pre-programmable stand-alone dimming Vandal resistant, polycarbonate protector (IK 10) Anti-theft protection Owlet remote management

Mounting Options


Levelling spigot adaptor: ø42mm spigots

Integrated vent for rapid pressure equalisation and reduction of condensation


Overview LEDlume-mini LEDlume-midi LEDlume-maxi Lifetime residual flux @ Tq 25°C (2) Lifetime residual flux @ Tq 35°C


Number of LEDs Neutral white (4000K) 8 LEDs 16 LEDs 24 LEDs 32 LEDs 48 LEDs 64 LEDs 80 LEDs 96 LEDs 128 LEDs @60.000h @100.000h @50.000h @80.000h

LED Current: 350mA Nominal flux (lm)(1) 1416 2832 4248 5664 8496 11328 14160 16992 22656

90% 70% 90% 70%

Power consumption (W) 10 19 27 35 52 68 84 103 135

LED Current: 500mA Nominal flux (lm)(1) 1982 3877 5820 7760 11538 15429 19272 23126 30790

Power consumption (W) 14 26 38 50 73 97 121 148 194

LED Current: 700mA Nominal flux (lm)(1) 2631 5157 7676 10235 15157 20345 25049 30195 40078

Power consumption (W) 20 37 54 70 104 138 174 208 276

LED Current: 1000mA Nominal flux (lm)(1) 3498 6995 10493 13990 20985 - - - -

Power consumption (W) 29 55 81 108 162 - - - -

(1) The nominal flux is an indicative LED flux @ Tj 25°C based on LED manufacturer s data. The real flux output of the luminaire depends on environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and pollution) and the optical efficiency of luminaire. The type of LED used is subject to change due to the ongoing rapid progress taking place in LED technology. (2) In accordance with LM-80 TM-21

The electronic power supply is suitable for

operation with a 198-264V 50Hz single

phase system. (DC versions are available).

The power factor is rated at ≥0,95. The efficiency

is rated 89%

The luminaire consists of an LED engine, power supply and

spigot compartment. This allows the easy

installation of the LED engine by means

of a hinging action onto a spigot base casting.

Side entry ø42mm * 125mm

Levelling device

Secured by stainless steel

latches and access screw

To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometrical engine is completely sealed to IP 66. This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time.

The protector is manufactured from high-impact clear flat glass or polycarbonate.

Each LED is equipped with a lens to provide the desired light distribution.

The luminaire housing is manufactured of marine-grade aluminium.

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply.

The LED engine, consisting of the LED light source and the power supply, can be easily replaced or upgraded.

Surge protection 10kV/10kA Optional: 20kV/20kAOptional:

A tamper-proof screw ensures controlled

access by means of a special coded tool.

The power supply is automatically

disengaged when opening the


Construction Details

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