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The LEDlume range sets a new benchmark in LED lighting with performing and flexible solutions that lead to the shortest payback time. With its tremendous efficiency, its long lifespan and its limited maintenance requirements, the LEDlume range enables you to minimise your Total Cost of Ownership.

B2 Requirements

Luminaire Fitted with 70W High-Pressure

Sodium Lamp

LEDlume-mini 16 LED

Luminaire power consumption (W) - 86 26

Spacing between luminaires (m) - 45 45

Average illuminance (lux) At least 3 3.5 3.9

Minimum illuminance (lux) At least 0.6 1 1.1

Power consumption per km (W) - 1911 578

LEDlume- mini






69% Energy

Savings (I)

(I) Optic 5136, assume existing installation.

Case Study: 70W HPS Comparison

LEDlume - A profitable investment

Energy Savings

B2 classified road + 2m sidewalks

Luminaire spacing: 45m

Road width: 7m

Height: 7m

A2/300VEH/HR/LN classified road

Luminaire spacing: 37m

Road width: 7.4m

Height: 10m

A2/300Veh Requirements

Luminaire Fitted with 250W

High-Pressure Sodium Lamp

LEDlume-midi 48 LED

Luminaire power consumption (W) - 275 104

Spacing between luminaires (m) - 37 37

Average luminance (cd/m2) At least 1.0 1 1.19

Global uniformity -Uo (%) At least 40 57 57

Longitudinal uniformity - Ul (%) At least 60 74 80

Glare - TI (%) Less than 20 12 11.6

Power consumption per km (W) - 7432 2892

LEDlume- midi

250W HPS/E





60% Energy

Savings (I)

(I) Optic 5136, assume existing installation. Additional savings can be generated by integrating Owlet smart control systems such as dimming or remote management.

Case Study: 250W HPS Comparison

Energy Savings

24 25