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Construction Details The luminaire consists of a pressed metal ceiling trim, reflector, ceiling brackets and reinforced luminaire frame Available in Eco or High-efficiency version Designed to operate LED light sources of up to 28W in an ambient temperature (Tq) environment of up to 35˚C, without reducing the useful lifetime of 50 000 hours (Eco) or 60 000 hours (High-efficiency), at a lumen depreciation of not more than 30% (L70) The easy-fixing ceiling brackets are made of spring steel to ensure rigid and positive mounting in the ceiling, eliminating any sagging of the luminaire Effective high-power LED, 3000K or 4000K, at a colour rendering index ≥80 The 99.9% pure aluminium reflector is made from pressed grade 1050 aluminium alloy

Dimensions in mm

205-220 mm ø232

15 4

(2 00

0 Lu

m en


12 3.

5 (1

00 0

Lu m

en )

RONDO LED RONDO LED - Surface mounted

12 0 ˚ 51 .5

Cable entry Hole ø21

P.C.D.189 Mounting Hole ø7

120 ˚

Top view Side view

22 5


Light Distribution

Intensity Distribution

cd klm







Ordering Data

Options & Accessories

Description Colour temperature Lumen* Mass (kg)

Eco Version

BEKARONDO LED Eco 10W 4000K 1 000 0.9

BEKARONDO LED Eco 10W 3000K 1 000 0.9

BEKARONDO LED Eco 19W 4000K 2 000 1.2

BEKARONDO LED Eco 19W 3000K 2 000 1.2

BEKARONDO LED Eco 28W 4000K 3 000 1.4

BEKARONDO LED Eco 28W 3000K 3 000 1.4

High-Efficiency Version

BEKARONDO LED HE 9W 4000K 1 250 0.9

BEKARONDO LED HE 9W 3000K 1 250 0.9

BEKARONDO LED HE 16W 4000K 2 240 1.2

BEKARONDO LED HE 17W 3000K 2 270 1.2

BEKARONDO LED HE 23W 4000K 3 390 1.4

BEKARONDO LED HE 23W 3000K 3 220 1.4

Standard colour: White (RAL 9016) Includes 230V power supply and driver.

(*) The type of LED used is subject to change due to the ongoing rapid progress taking place in LED technology.


Dimming control





Emergency For all emergency versions refer to the Emergency Lighting Product List at


Colour Trim ring: Other RAL colours available on request

Mounting Surface mount

Certification The luminaire bears the SANS 60598-2-1 and SANS 60598-2-2 safety marks.

Electrical Components It is suitable for operation with the specified rating of the lamp on a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase system. Mains connections are by means of a suitable screw terminal block. The downlight is supplied with 6A plug-top on 3m cabtyre. The luminaire is power factor corrected to ≥0,9.

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