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Construction Details The luminaire consists of a die-cast aluminium base and opal high-impact acrylic diffuser. It is round in shape and is designed to operate compact fluorescent lamps up to 2*TC-DEL 26W.

SABS Marks The luminaire bears the SANS 60598-1 safety mark.

Ingress Protection The luminaire has a degree of protection that complies with SANS 1222: Lamp compartment: IP 65 The IP rating is certified by an SABS test report.

Base The base casting is finished both outside and inside in white epoxy powder coating for added protection and reflectivity.

Diffuser The diffuser is manufactured from opal high-impact non-discolouring acrylic that offers excellent vandal resistance. It is highly translucent and shall not discolour when subjected to UV environments. It is securely held in position by a bayonet lock with non-return stop that fits into the base casting.

Electrical Components The control gear is mounted directly onto the base casting, ensuring cool operation. It is suitable for operation with the specified rating of the lamp on a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase system.

Dimensions in mm

Ordering Data



ø2 40

Series 71


Description Lamp Lamp Holder Lumen Mass (kg)


71118 INTERIOR BULKHEAD ROUND 18W CFL-ECG 1*TC-DEL 18W G24q-2 1 200 1.1

71126 INTERIOR BULKHEAD ROUND 26W CFL-ECG 1*TC-DEL 26W G24q-3 1 800 1.1

71213 INTERIOR BULKHEAD ROUND 2*13W CFL-ECG 2*TC-DEL 13W G24q-1 2*900 1.3

71218 INTERIOR BULKHEAD ROUND 18W CFL-ECG 2*TC-DEL 18W G24q-2 2*1 200 1.3

71226 INTERIOR BULKHEAD ROUND 26W CFL-ECG 2*TC-DEL 26W G24q-3 2*1 800 1.3

Emergency Version

EM-SERIES 71 13W CFL-ECG 1HR 1*TC-DEL 13W G24q-1 900 1.7

EM SERIES 71 18W CFL-ECG 1HR 1*TC-DEL 18W G24q-2 1 200 1.7

290 291