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Construction Details The luminaire consists of a marine grade (EN 1706 AC- 44300), high-pressure die-cast aluminium housing, designed to operate a 1000W/2000W metal halide double- ended short arc lamp.

SABS Marks SANS 60598-2-5 safety mark.

Ingress Protection IP 65 in compliance with SANS 60598-2-5. The IP rating is certified by an SABS test report.

Luminaire Housing The housing is robustly constructed, weatherproof, hail proof, corrosion proof and vandal resistant. It is manufactured from corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium. The front glass covering the lamp compartment is heat and impact resistant.

Reflector System The reflector system is manufactured from 99,98% super-pure highly specular anodized aluminium. The luminaire is available in symmetrical narrow, medium, wide and extra wide beam distribution.

Rear Housing The rear housing hinges open for lamp replacement. It is held closed with two stainless steel clamps.

Electrical Components The superposed pulse type ignitor and connector block is housed in a high-pressure die-cast aluminium housing. The control gear is mounted on a steel tray or in a cast aluminium box, for the 1000W lamp a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase system and for the 2000W lamp a 380/400V +3%/-10% 50Hz three phase system. All control gear components are removable and bear the relevant SABS mark. All screws, bolts and metal parts are stainless steel or anti-corrosion treated material. Mains connection on the control gear tray is by means of a suitable screw terminal block with wire clamping contact. The luminaire is power factor corrected to a minimum of 0,9. Tapped control gear is available on request.

Stirrup The stirrup is manufactured from 4mm x 80mm hot dipped galvanised steel. Holes are provided for single or double bolt mounting. The stirrup is reversible for suspended mounting. A stainless steel version is available on request.

Dimensions in mm

Stable and reliable hinge mechanism provides rear

access for lamp replacement.

Construction allows for optional precision aiming

devices to be easily attached.

2000W Gearplate.

53 5

ø5 00


Aerodynamic resistance - 0.17m2


75 75 ø18ø18

For all 380V/400V supplies, ensure that a phase-loss

protection is provided


19 5

Top view

Cable glands

310 345


65 58

18 5

Side view

Side view

17 0



2000W choke

Connecting block

Connecting block


35 5

37 5

Top view

GearplateGearbox aluminium

326 327