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The OPTIWAY consists of a polycarbonate or acrylic housing, which is sealed by means of a silicone gasket. The specially designed closing mechanism seals this luminaire permanently to IP 66 and prevents internal access, which would lead to damage and the reduction of the lifetime and performance of the luminaire.

The newest LED technology has been utilized while limiting the maximum wattage and the lumen output in order to optimize the thermal environment of the electronic components. Thereby, the bulkhead is able to last at least 50 000 hours in the most extreme environment.

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply (ThermiX®). To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometric engine and control gear compartment are completely sealed to IP 66. This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time. The OPTIWAY is designed for LED light sources between 8W and 13W.

Construction Details Overview Lifetime residual flux @ Tq 25˚C


Number of LEDs Neutral white (4000K) 16 LED @50.000h

LED Current: 350mA Nominal flux (lm)* 1220

80% Power consumption (W) 10

LED Current: 500mA Nominal flux (lm)* 1630

Power consumption (W) 13 (*) The nominal flux is an indicative LED flux @ Tj 25°C based on LED manufacturer s data. The real flux output of the luminaire depends on environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and pollution) and the optical efficiency of luminaire. The type of LED used is subject to change due to the ongoing rapid progress taking place in LED technology. (**) In accordance with LM-80 TM-21


Light Distribution



90˚/270˚ 0˚/180˚





15˚ 0˚



Optic 3100 - Oval Wide

354 355