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Internal spigot rake adjustment: +10° to -10° Easily accessible terminal block for simplified power connection (tool-less)

Key Features

Spigot fixation by means of a clamping bracket

Provision for NEMA socket to mount daylight switch - available in all three versions

Easy access to gear and optical compartment

Case Study: 70W HPS Comparison


Road: B2 classified road + 2m sidewalks Luminaire spacing: 47m Road width: 7m Height: 7m

The ZIYA-E provides a 59% energy saving compared to a 70W high-pressure sodium luminaire, while fully meeting the road light level requirements. Furthermore, a much better colour rendering index is provided, thereby enhancing the safety and visibility of pedestrians and road users.

Comparing a 70W HPS to a ZIYA-E street light installation

B2 Requirements

Luminaire fit- ted with 70W High-Pressure Sodium Lamp


Luminaire power consumption (W) - 86 36

Spacing between luminaires (m) - 45 47

Average illuminance (lux) At least 3 3.5 4.9

Minimum illuminance (lux) At least 0.6 1 0.6

Power consumption per km (W) - 1911 760






59% Energy Savings

Energy Savings

36 37