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The new electronics era that we entered thanks to LED technology and the related control systems, will allow us to further strengthen our customer relations. LEDs open the door to huge possibilities in energy savings and innovation. BEKA Schréder LED solutions offer you energy control combined with lighting performance and savings as high as 85% compared to traditional solutions. The LED luminaires, poles, brackets and control systems presented in this catalogue are tools to create smart lighting solutions, adapted to each ecosystem: from highways, residential streets and pedestrian areas, to monuments, sports facilities, public transport areas, industrial halls, university campuses and much more. BEKA Schréder s smart solutions can interact with individuals in these environments to provide lighting scenarios that take human activity into account. BEKA Schréder s mission is to provide you with lighting solutions for safe, comfortable and sustainable environments. With you, we create light that inspires life. Wimpie Ludwick GM - BEKA Schréder

The customer is, and always has been, at the centre of BEKA Schréder s activities

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