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Optical compartment tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Control gear tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance (glass): IK 08 (**)

Aerodynamic resistance (CxS): 0.060m2

Nominal voltage: 230V - 50Hz

Electrical class: I or II (*)

Weight (total): 9.6kg


Body: Aluminium

Protector: Extra-clear flat glass

Installation height: 4 - 8m

Standard colour: AKZO light grey 150, Textured finish

LED light sources

Correlated colour temperature (CCT): Neutral white (4000K, CRI ≥70)

Wattage: 18W - 107W

Flux: 2400lm - 12200lm

Characteristics - Luminaire

Lighting in an efficient and sustainable manner The Teceo range offers optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It offers towns and cities the ideal tool to improve lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint.

The Teceo 1 for up to 48 LEDs is ideally suited to lighting residential streets, urban roads, bike paths and car parks. It is equipped with the second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine which offers a high-performance photometry optimised for each specific application with minimum energy consumption.

The Teceo range offers flexible combinations of LED modules, a choice of currents and dimming options to further maximise energy savings and provide the most cost-effective solution.

A rear bracket version of the Teceo luminaire is available so that streets, side streets and large pavements can be lit using the same luminaire design.

(*) according to SANS 60598 (**) according to SANS 62262






2 H





2 H


Universal slip-over mounting onto a ø76mm spigot (125mm min. length)

Bottom entry position Side-entry position

Bracket Options ITO Bracket

Universal slip-over mounting onto a ø42mm spigot (125mm min. length)

Teceo 1

L 318mm

W 607mm

H1 141mm

H2 113mm

42 43