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Characteristics - Luminaire

Optical compartment tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Control gear tightness level: IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance (glass): IK 07 (**)

Nominal voltage: 198-264V - 50Hz

Electrical class: I or II (*)

Operating temperature (Ta): ≤35˚C

Weight (total): Midi: 10.5kg

Maxi: 16.5kg

Correlated colour temperature (CCT): Neutral white (4000K, CRI ≥70)

Materials: Body: Marine grade aluminium (EN 1706 AC-44300)

Protector: High-impact clear glass or polycarbonate

Installation height: Midi: up to 15m

Maxi: up to 30m

Aerodynamic resistance (CxS): Midi: 0.03m2

Maxi: 0.045m2

Standard finish: Unpainted Aluminium

(*) according to SANS 60598-2-5 (**) according to SANS 62262

Construction Details Stirrup


The luminaire consists of an LED engine, power supply and spigot compartment. This allows the easy installation of the LED engine by means of a hinging action onto a spigot base casting, with incorporated leveling device. It is secured by stainless steel latches and an access screw. The LED engine, consisting of the LED light source and the power supply, can be easily replaced or upgraded (FutureProof). Both compartments are rated IP 66.

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply, positioned directly next to LEDs (ThermiX®). The power supply is automatically disengaged when opening the luminaire. The luminaire housing is manufactured of marine grade aluminium. It is designed for LED light sources between 54W and 276W.

The power factor is rated at ≥,95.

The bottom-entry mounting stirrup is manufactured from 6mm x 60mm hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Incorporated downward facing daylight switch Pre-programmable stand-alone dimming Surge protection up to 20kV Protector made of impact-resistant material Vandal-resistant version Stainless steel stirrup

Dimensions in mm

Main Applications


12 017




23 8

ø1 8

90 38 6


12 017




23 8

ø1 8

90 34 5

LEDflood-midi LEDflood-maxi

Large roundaboutLarge areas Car park Motorway junction Large place

The LEDflood luminaire was designed for illumination of areas where energy saving, low maintenance and precise light control considerations are important factors. The flexibility of the LensoFlex® photometric engine allows for multiple light distributions to ensure that the specific requirements of each application are met. Furthermore, the options for varying the number of LEDs allows for a precise adaptation of the nominal power of the luminaire according to the area that is to be lit.

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