NON-CORROSIVE No above- or below-ground corrosion in salt climates or

acid soil.

MAINTENANCE-FREE No corrosion or decay ensures that the surface coat of

the pole will not require maintenance.

LIGHT WEIGHT The low mass saves handling, transport and erection

costs during installation.

LONGEVITY Over time, BEKA Schréder fibreglass poles will outlast

wood, concrete, steel and aluminium under similar

climatic conditions.

NON-CONDUCTIVE Perfect electrical insulation prevents accidental

electrocution by faulty wiring.

LOW INERTIA A reduction in personal injury and damage to

vehicles in road accidents.



Bending strength

Corrosion of steel pole

Light weight

HIGH BENDING STRENGTH Engineered to withstand a wind pressure of 500 Pa

inclusive of 0.20m2 luminaire area with less than a

5% deflection of the mounting height. This relates to a

wind speed of 103.9km/h. Any other wind speeds must

be calculated separately.

VERSATILITY A wide range of spigots, floodlight mountings,

baseplates and decorative arrangements ensure

a product for almost every application.

VANDAL RESISTANT High impact strength of polyester gel coat and glass

filament wound structure.

SUSTAINABLE The manufacturing process for glass fibre poles is much

kinder to the environment than metal or timber