112 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue

The BEKAPOLE has virtually unlimited applications. It can be manufactured to any requirement relating to the number

and configuration of luminaires to be mounted, inclusive of any special colour.

Main roads


Area lighting

Perimeter security

HighwaysResidential streets

Decorative lighting

Post-top lighting

Parks and Gardens



Glass fibre poles whip around in the wind...

Due to the unique process of glass filament winding,

standard BEKA Schréder GRP poles are designed to

withstand a wind pressure of 500 Pa on a projected

luminaire area of 0.20m2. Some of our most satisfied

customers are situated in coastal environments subjected

to high winds. All BEKA Schréder GRP poles are designed

and manufactured with a safety factor of 2,5.

Glass fibre poles are deteriorated by sunlight...

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight will deteriorate only

unprotected glass fibre. This has been eliminated by

pigmenting the resin and the application of a polyester

gel coat with UV inhibitors to the surface of the pole


Glass fibre poles cannot support big headloads...

Each BEKA Schréder glass fibre pole is individually

engineered by factoring in the weight, projected area and

windloading requirements of the installation site. The

most demanding installation is easily achieved by a pre-

engineered BEKA Schréder glass fibre pole.

Glass fibre poles are made out of plastic...

BEKA Schréder glass fibre poles are manufactured by the

filament winding process where continuous glass rovings

are fed through a polyester resin bath and wound at

an even tension onto a rotating mandrel, resulting in a

mass glass to resin ratio of 70:30, making full use of the

tensile strength of the glass filament which is more than

that of steel.