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Light Controls




EV Charger

More efficient. Smarter. Interactive. Connected. The

digital revolution is here to serve people in a more

and more challenging world. The Shuffle is much more

than a lighting column. It connects people to their

environment. Always.

This modern interface creates added value for

outdoor living spaces. With integrated features such

as loudspeakers, CCTV, WLAN, EV chargers and visual

guidance, the Shuffle goes far beyond professional

lighting. It creates the best conditions to make people

truly feel at home in public areas.

The safety, comfort and the sense of well-being

provided by the Shuffle invites people to enjoy public

areas both by day and by night. By creating better

living spaces, the Shuffle encourages social interactions.

Thanks to a smart design, the Shuffle is an affordable,

complete solution that requires very low maintenance.

Providing multiple requirements in a single column

minimises the material needed in spaces and lowers the

carbon footprint of an installation.

SHUFFLE YOUR WORLD Redesigning. Reorganising. Improving. Combining. Do

them all at once with the Shuffle, a new integrated

concept with unlimited opportunities to enhance the

quality of life in society.

Information, identity, safety, communication,

entertainment, health and mobility. Just imagine that

you can fulfil and monitor all the societal needs in

public and privately-owned areas with the same system.

No need to multiply the devices each time you identify

a need for your environment. All your different features

can be gathered together in one complete network. Not

cast in bronze, but with versatility and prepared for

future evolutions.

The Shuffle is the absolute platform for managers of

living spaces. It is our most human solution to date.

5 STAR MODULARITY One main pole, one to five modules with eventually a

spacer between two of them. A multitude of combinations

to serve people in public areas. With easy fixations,

rotatable modules and plug-in connections, the Shuffle is

a very handy and flexible tool. Choose your combination,

attach the modules, plug the connectors and the Shuffle

is ready to enhance your environment.