WELL-BEING OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENTS WITH AN INSIDE FEELING BEKA Schréder s comprehensive approach enriches people s daily lives in public areas. The attractive, robust and long-lasting designs of our solutions enhance your area and create a strong identity. Quality lighting provides light where and when it is necessary. Security devices and emergency functions guarantee a safe environment. With BEKA Schréder, people enjoy every part of your world!

THINKING ABOUT TOMORROW As a responsible company, minimising our ecological footprint is a priority. At the forefront of the major driving force for the switch to LED lighting, Schréder is firmly committed to drastically reducing energy consumption. By combining the best of LED technology with a wide range of control systems, our solutions offer huge energy savings of up to 85% and radically reduce the payback time of a new installation.

PAY LESS, GET MORE BEKA Schréder is constantly using the upmost technological innovations - including high efficiency LEDs and advanced control systems - to provide lighting solutions with maximum performance without compromising on quality. With this tremendous efficiency, a long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements, they enable you to minimise your total cost of ownership and provide a short payback time.