144 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue

ELEGANT, EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE The Valentino LED traditional lantern plays an important

aesthetic role both by day and night with a perfect

integration in the urban lanscape to create a nice and

safe ambiance. The use of LEDs not only drastically

minimises the power consumption, it permits low height

installations without generating intrusive light for the

inhabitants of buildings. With no upper flux, the Valentino

LED limits the light pollution. Its long lasting design

made of recyclable materials guarantees a responsible

use of natural resources.

LENSOFLEX®2 Valentino LED luminaires are equipped with second

generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engines that

have been specifically developped for lighting spaces

where the well-being and safety of people using the

environments are essential. This concept is based upon

the addition principle of photometric distribution. Each

LED is associated with a specific lens that generates the

complete photometric distribution of the luminaire. It

is the number of LEDs in combination with the driving

current that determines the intensity level of the light


ENERGY SAVINGS OF UP TO 75% The Valentino LED luminaires integrate the latest cutting

edge solutions. The combination of LED technology,

a driver working within a constant flux system and a

dimming system makes it possible to achieve energy

savings of up to 75% compared with luminaires equipped

with traditional light sources.

With this very favourable energy balance, the Valentino

LED luminaires contribute to the effective management of

public finances and to the responsible use of energy.

FUTUREPROOF Valentino LED luminaires have been designed to fulfil

the FutureProof concept. Both the photometric engine

and the electrical power supply can be replaced to take

advantage of any future technological developments.