192 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue

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Robust construction - Roll over (5 000kg)

Triple gasket system (IP 67)

Two-compartment housing to ensure highest

ingress protection reliability

Minimum 60 000hrs useful lifetime (L70)

Effective high-power LED, 4000K at a colour

rendering index ≥70

APPLICATIONS Façade lighting | Accent lighting | Architectural lighting

for exterior display | Parks and gardens

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS The luminaire consists of a robustly constructed

aluminium die-cast main housing with an additional

inner cast aluminium control gear/optical compartment.

A 12mm thick toughened glass is sealed into a high-

pressure die-cast aluminium ring, which is mounted to

the housing with four stainless steel screws and has

silicone sponge gaskets to seal the lamp and main


A triple gasket system ensures a reliable IP 67 rating.

The main housing has an additional extruded silicone

gasket fixed in a protecting groove, preventing

accidental misalignment.

A 316 stainless steel trim ring, mounted to the main

housing with stainless steel Allen cap countersunk

screws, finishes flush with the glass.

Removal of the rings gives access to the optical

compartment and the removable control gear, designed

to operate LEDs of up to 54W.

A gland and cabtyre is attached to the control gear



housing for mains electrical connection in the bottom

of the main housing.

An armoured cable gland - No. 1 - is supplied for

electrical entry into the luminaire.

Glass surface temperature: 40˚C

Correlated colour temperature (CCT): Neutral white light


The power factor is rated at ≥0.95.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS Nominal voltage: 120-277V 50Hz.

The control gear is mounted on a removable gear


All inter-connecting wiring is Teflon® insulated with

protective sleeving to prevent damage by possible


All external screws, bolts and metals are stainless steel

or of non-corrosive material.

Connections are by means of a suitable screw terminal

block with a wire clamping contact.