216 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue


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Top view


Front view

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Side view

All interconnecting wiring is

Teflon® insulated.

Four fixing holes to hold the trim

ring casting to the base casting

by stainless steel M5 Allen head

screws, located outside the

lamp compartment.

The grommet provided in

the base casting allows the

feeding through of the Teflon®

wiring supplied, thus ensuring

integrity of IP 66 rating.

Four mounting holes provided outside

the lamp compartment, ensuring the

integrity of the certified IP rating. The

mounting holes are raised 2mm from the

base, preventing rainwater from running

over the luminaire surface, and are also

offset from the main axis in order to

prevent accidental damage to conduits

during the installation process.

All control gear components bear the

relevant national and international

marks and are mounted directly onto

the base casting, ensuring cool


Base casting manufactured from

high-pressure die-cast

aluminium, finished both

outside and inside in white epoxy

powder coating for added

protection and reflectivity.

Tongue provided on the base casting to

fit into the silicon sponge gasket seated

in the diffuser, thus achieving SABS

certified IP 66 protection.

It is designed to operate LEDs

of up to 18W, and a range of

compact fluorescent lamps.