226 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue


Traditional appearance

Die-cast aluminium top cover

Integral removable control gear

Available in various colours

APPLICATIONS Group B road lighting | General area lighting | Security

lighting | Parks and gardens

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS The luminaire consists of a spigot base, lamp

compartment with integral control gear and top cover and

is designed to operate compact fluorescent, 50/80/125W

mercury vapour or 50/70/100W high-pressure sodium/

metal halide lamps.

The cable entry grommet is designed for the connection

of a 3 x 1.5mm2 cabtyre, of an overall diameter of 9mm.

SABS MARKS The luminaire bears the SANS 475 performance mark and

the SANS 60598-2-3 safety mark.

Luminaire spigot entries comply with SANS 1088 - Table 1

for Type 2: ø76mm x 75mm.

INGRESS PROTECTION The luminaire has a degree of protection that complies

with SANS 60598-2-3:

Lamp compartment: IP 55

The IP rating is certified by an SABS test report.



TOP COVER The top cover is robustly constructed from die-cast

aluminium, powder coated for added protection in the

colour specified and is firmly secured with a single

aluminium decor casting.

White reflective paint on inside.

SPIGOT BASE The spigot base is manufactured from high-pressure

die-cast aluminium, powder coated for added

protection in the colour specified.

The luminaire is secured to the pole by three M8

stainless steel grub screws.

DIFFUSER The high-impact non-discolouring acrylic diffuser bowl

is hexagonal in shape and is smooth on the outside,

but has internal prisms to reduce the direct glare


A drip ridge is provided at the bottom edge to avoid

direct rain water contact with the gasket.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS The lampholder complies with VC 8011, is rated to

withstand 240˚C/5kV and prevents possible loosening

of the lamp caused by vibrations.

The control gear is incorporated inside the luminaire

and is mounted on a removable gear tray.

It is suitable for operation with the specified rating of

the lamp on a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase


All control gear components are removable and bear

the relevant SABS mark.

All internal wiring is Teflon® coated with protective

sleeving to prevent damage by possible abrasion.