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A ROBUST AND VERSATILE LED BULKHEAD The LEDnova offers optimal photometric performance

and high reliability to reduce energy consumption and

maintenance in all types of lighting applications.

The LEDnova range is suitable for use in various

environments, which include outdoor mining

areas, oil and gas refineries, food and beverage plants,

manufacturing process plants and any application that

requires robust and well-built luminaires. Indeed, the

LEDnova-mini LEDnova-midi

Typical luminaire output flux (range) (*):

2,390 to 7,012lm 8,563 to 9,243lm

Power consumption (W) (*): 19 to 55W 75 to 81W

Lifetime residual flux @ tq 25°C: 70% @100,000h

Colour temperature: Neutral white (4000K) or warm white (3000K)

Colour Rendering Index (CRI): CRI 70

Optical compartment tightness level: IP 66 (**)

Control gear tightness level: IP 66 (**)

Impact resistance (glass/ polycarbonate):

IK 08/10 (***) IK 07/10 (***)

Nominal voltage: 198-264V 50 Hz

Electrical class: I or II

Surge protection: 10kV (20kV optional)

Materials: Body: Marine grade aluminium (EN 1706 AC-44300)

Protector: Glass or high-impact polycarbonate

Finish: Unpainted aluminium

(*) The initial flux and power consumption of the luminaire are indicative values and valid for 25°C ambient temperature. The real flux output of the luminaire depends

on environmental conditions (e.g. temperature) and may vary with specific configurations. Communicated values are subject to tolerances in technology. To check if this

document refers to the latest information available, please visit www.beka-schreder.co.za (**) according to SANS 60598 (***) according to SANS 62262

LEDnova range has been developed to reduce disability

glare and thus improve the quality of light.

A number of configurations are possible with this LED

bulkhead, which include the standard surface mount

version, the optional pole mount version, and the flood

version. This makes it truly versatile!

The LEDnova range can also be used in hazardous

environments where a Zone 2, 21/22 rated luminaire

is required. It is also available with a battery backup

version, to be used in emergency situations.