The BEKA LEDtec is an LED lowbay range designed for

energy-efficient lighting in industrial and commercial


The luminaire consists of an IP 66 protected LED engine,

which is thermally separated from the power supply/

driver compartment.

Ease of installation is facilitated by the external mounting

lugs and a hingeable connector plate.

The luminaire housing is manufactured from stainless

steel (3cr12), e-coated and epoxy powder coated to BEKA

Schréder s renowned specification for exterior finishes to

last even in the harshest environmental conditions.

The protector is manufactured from high-impact clear flat

glass (IK 07) or vandal-resistant polycarbonate (IK 10)




The luminaire bears the SANS 60598 mark.

The lowbay is designed to operate LED light sources of

up to 144W in an ambient temperature (T q ) environment

of up to 35˚C, without reducing the useful lifetime of

90 000 hours, at a lumen depreciation of not more than

30% (L70). The LEDs are effective high-power LEDs,

4000K at a colour rendering index ≥70.

To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometric

engine is completely sealed to IP 66. This ensures that

the photometric performance is maintained over time.

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating

of LEDs and power supply, positioned directly next to

LEDs (ThermiX®).

The BEKA LEDtec is designed for LED light sources

between 90W and 144W.



The optional movement detector uses a specific lens to

determine a detection zone. The standard lens is suitable

for most applications. As an option, lenses can be

provided for special needs.


If the pre-set lighting levels and dimming profile need to

be changed, these can easily be adjusted by an optional

remote control. This enables the lighting scenario to be

adapted at any time.