358 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue

Corrosion-proof GRP body and lid

Easy access for maintenance

Various reflector options

Ingress protection - IP 65


APPLICATIONS Industry | Mining | Public buildings | Corrosive


CONSTRUCTION DETAILS The luminaire consists of an injection-moulded, flame

retardant GRP body and lid with clip-in lamp holders for

both single and double lamp versions. It is designed to

operate fluorescent T8 and T5 lamps up to 2*80W.

SABS MARKS The luminaire bears the SANS 60598-2-1 safety mark.

INGRESS PROTECTION The luminaire has a degree of protection that complies

with SANS 60598-2-1:

Lamp compartment: IP 65

Body: IP 65

BODY The body is manufactured from injection-moulded,

flame-retardant glass fibre reinforced polyester and is

provided with a knockout facility at each end, making it

suitable for surface wiring.

Four plastic bolts are clipped into the body onto which

the lid screws tight.



A silicon sponge gasket is fitted into a groove

arrangement on the body.

For mounting, two holes are provided in the base of

the body.

LID The lid is manufactured from the same material as

the body and is designed in such a way that it can

accommodate the applicable control gear for the

various lamp wattages.

The lid is screwed down onto the body by four GRP

wingnut shaped fasteners that screw into the stainless

steel bolts provided in the body.

External access to the starter is achieved by removing

a screw cap cover.

Two rectangular shaped holes are provided on the lid

to accommodate the clip-in lamp holders, which are

provided with gaskets to ensure the integrity of the

IP rating.

CONTROL GEAR COMPARTMENT The ballast is mounted directly onto bosses provided

on the lid, and the capacitor is held in position by a

suitable slotted clamp.

It is suitable for operation with the specified rating of

the lamp on a 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz single phase


All control gear components are removable and bear

the relevant SABS mark.

Mains connections are by means of a suitable screw

terminal block with a wire clamping contact.

The luminaire is power factor corrected to a minimum

of 0,9.