364 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue


Lamp compartment - IP 65

Gear compartment - IP 65

APPLICATIONS Sportsfield lighting | Security lighting | High mast

lighting | Façade lighting | Area lighting | Zone 2

applications (400W) | Parking areas | Zone 21/22

applications (400W) | Airport aprons

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS The luminaire consists of a die cast aluminium (EN 1706

AC-44300) housing with a separate but attached gearbox

designed to operate 400/600/1000W high pressure

sodium and 400/1000W metal halide tubular lamps.

SABS MARKS The luminaire bears the SANS 475 performance mark and

the SANS 60598-2-5 safety mark.

INGRESS PROTECTION IP 65 in compliance with SANS 60598-2-5.

The IP rating is certified by a SABS test report.

LUMINAIRE HOUSING The housing is robustly constructed, weatherproof, hail

proof, corrosion proof and vandal resistant.

It is manufactured from die cast aluminium

(EN 1706 AC-44300).

The front glass covering the lamp compartment is heat

and impact resistant, held to the lamp housing by

stainless steel clamps and sealed by an extruded heat

resistant silicon gasket.



REFLECTOR SYSTEM The reflector system is manufactured from 99,98%

super-pure anodized aluminium and consists of the

back reflector and two side reflectors.

The luminaire is available in an asymmetrical narrow,

medium and wide beam distribution.

LAMPHOLDER HOUSING Lamp replacement is facilitated from the side by a

high-pressure die cast aluminium lampholder housing.

It is sealed with a one-piece silicon gasket and is held

to the floodlight with two stainless steel screws.

CONTROL GEAR COMPARTMENT The control gear compartment is manufactured from

high pressure die cast aluminium for good heat


It consists of a lid and body that seals the control gear

compartment to an IP 65 ingress protection rating

when closed.

The control gear compartment is attached to the


OPTIONS Inserted helicoils are available on request for the lamp

holder housing and the gear compartment to prevent

the galvanic corrosion of stainless steel screws to the

aluminium housing.

Aiming device available on request, in order to set the

floodlight to the desired aiming angle.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS The lamp holder complies with VC 8011, is rated to

withstand 240˚C/5kV. The control gear is incorporated

inside the control gear compartment and is mounted

on a removable gear tray.