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Owlet IoT

OWLET Owlet is the range of smart control solutions offered

by the Schréder Group. Owlet helps cities worldwide

to reduce their energy bills by up to 85%, to manage

expenses more efficiently, to improve maintenance and

asset management and to provide an increased safety

with enhanced well-being for their citizens.

IOT The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical

objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items

embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and

network connectivity, which enables these objects to

collect and exchange data.

The IoT allows objects to be sensed and controlled

remotely across network infrastructure, creating

opportunities for improved efficiency, accuracy and

economic benefit. Each thing is uniquely identifiable

through its embedded computing system but is able to

interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.

The IoT is directly related to applications such as smart

grids, intelligent transportation and smart cities.

OWLET IOT - THE NEXT GENERATION OF CITY MANAGEMENT The Owlet IoT City Management System, which is based

on Open Standards, can interact with larger smart city

platforms. In fact, Owlet IoT is not only a high performing

remote lighting management system, it can also

exchange data or interoperate with neighbouring systems

such as traffic management sensors, environmental

monitoring systems or security devices.

One of the fundamentals of IoT (Internet of Things)

is that the devices intended to be connected to a

larger network communication platform have to be

`addressable in a similar way. The structure of the

address which is attributed to this latest generation of

luminaire controllers managed by Owlet IoT is called

IPv6. This method of addressing devices can generate

an almost unlimited number of unique combinations to

connect non-traditional components to the Internet or

computer network.

It s important to understand that Owlet IoT is not a

stand-alone `silo type system, but future oriented and

open to 3rd party integration.

EASY SET-UP This next generation of the Owlet City Management

System shows major progress in the set-up and

commissioning process of the system. Thanks to the

combination of an built-in GPS antenna and an intelligent

auto-commissioning process, it is a real Plug and Play

solution which does not require any intervention from the

installer or contractor, nor any segment controllers.

The luminaire controllers mounted on a universal

7 pin NEMA socket carry all the hard and software

for an independent set-up. There is no need for the

commissioning engineer to manually record the position

of each luminaire.

SMART HYBRID ARCHITECTURE The heart of the system is the full hybrid concept which

provides the best of both worlds. It consists of a strong

local mesh network between the luminaires and the

sensors and a robust backhaul communication with the

system servers. The RF communication network between

the local `actors enables an instantaneous reaction from

event triggers like movement or presence detection.

This is a key element in creating a real adaptive lighting


The new Graphical User Interface provides complete

visibility and dynamic access to the Owlet IoT system.