374 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue

COMPATIBLE WITH SENSORS Different types of sensors like PIR and radars are

connected directly to the luminaire controller. As a

consequence, no additional power supply is required.

Sensors can be integrated into the Schréder luminaires,

fixed to the pole or remotely installed. Thanks to a

matrix concept, one sensor can be linked to multiple

luminaires and vice versa, each luminaire can be linked

to multiple sensor inputs. Switching the light levels from

the lower `idle state to the higher `event state during

the night, increases the visual performance as well as the

level of comfort while maintaining or even increasing the

potential energy reduction. The dimming signal from the

luminaire controller to the driver can be either 1-10V or


INSTANT GPS LOCATION A built-in GPS accurately locates the luminaire position.

There is no need for field recording, scanning or

manual mapping. This feature simplifies the set-up and

commissioning process to a large extent. It also detects

location changes e.g. following maintenance.

PLUG-AND-PLAY LUMINAIRE CONTROLLER The Owlet IoT luminaire controller is based on the 7 pin

NEMA socket. This standardised twist and lock receptacle

is mounted on top of the luminaire. The node can be

easily plugged in and replaced without any tools.

PIR sensor

EFFICIENT ASSET MANAGEMENT The Owlet IoT luminaire controller incorporates a unique

feature to capture the characteristics of the lighting

scheme. This data and the precise luminaire position

provided by the GPS feature determine the luminaire light

profile for the given location.

Furthermore it serves as the basis for an active luminaire

asset management system. This is a major advantage as

it avoids the implementation of a supplementary (static)

asset management system.

Manufacturer: Owlet GmbH Product: LUCO P7 CM Product-Code: LC P7 CM UV1 06I System: Owlet IoT Load: 110-277 V ta: -40°C +75°C 50/60 Hz -40°F +167°F Imax = 5A

Owlet IoT