Owlet System Architecture


ZigBee-meshnet Segment Controller

Luminaire Controller


Central management

system with

database and

web services

THIRD PARTY INTEGRATION Thanks to its open source Zigbee technology and its

flexible MySQL workflow, the Nightshift system can easily

be associated to third party ERP systems, and integrated

through data bridges. This flexibility increases the

functionalities far beyond lighting.

FALL-BACK SCENARIO In case of control issues, the system switches to a

default program ensuring that the lighting installation

does not turn off and continues to provide safety in the

public space.

DATA MANAGEMENT All the feedback from the lighting scheme is stored in

a MySQL database making the data available for long

term evaluations, such as energy analysis, lamp life time

forecasting, problem detection, etc.

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INSTANT ALARM MANAGEMENT Failures are recorded, identified and localised in real-time

Information can be automatically sent to operators, via

SMS alerts or email.

ABSOLUTE COMPATIBILITY Any type of lamp, ballast or LED driver magnetic gear,

tapped-ballasts, step-down, electronic ballast, as well as

1-10V interface or DALI dimmable control can be

managed by Owlet Nightshift.

Owlet Nightshift

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