386 BEKA SCHRÉDER Product Catalogue


BEKA Stadium Controller

The BEKA Stadium Controller is a specialist control system specifically designed to automatically manage inrush

current, maximum demand and other key features as per the following points:

1. The BEKA Stadium Controller automatically stages the starting of the necessary circuits to achieve the

required lighting levels, whilst minimising inrush current.

2. The BEKA Stadium Controller inherently manages the switching off of the floodlights, with integrated Anti-Panic

and/or Clearing functions.

3. The BEKA Stadium Controller is designed to handle all events including, but not limited to, power failures at one

or more power sources.

4. The BEKA Stadium Controller includes the restoration of lighting levels upon power resumption, whilst still

minimising inrush currents, to ensure that hot lamps are not ignited and thereby reducing lamp abuse.

5. The BEKA Stadium Controller is operated by a key-switch control board, ensuring that only authorised users can

operate the system.

6. The BEKA Stadium Controller includes the capacity to incorporate the logging or storing of circuit usage time

and number of activations.


The BEKA Stadium Controller is a PLC-based

turnkey solution for all stadium floodlighting

control requirements.

Configurations, including number of controlled

circuits and timings, are custom designed for the

unique requirements of each environment.

Circuits are switched on in stages according to

the required stage and in a manner to minimise

the startup inrush currents.

Automated shutdown includes clearing time

whereby the lowest active level remains on for

30 minutes after switch off. This allows players

to clear the field safely.